Monday, 6 May 2013


Kalim-bam-ba has been quite a popular children's game for many years. It is of Russian origin. In the video one class is reciting the words in Latvian, but the other class - in Russian.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Interviews with students from different nationalities

About 9 % of students in our school come from families of different nationalities. Either both parents or only one. The main language they speak in their families is Russian. Quite often it is a problem with their studies. We appreciate that these students are active in our school life: they do different sports, even introduce new games; they sing in school choir; they dance Latvian dances. And they do it as well as the students of the main nationality. They feel safe in our school. They show themselves as ordinary children with their good qualities and sometimes with their drawbacks, but is is normal for any student.

Visit to Mucenieki

The task for the next meeting in Tavira, Portugal is to talk about and discuss the problems that are connected with the integration of students from different nationalities or ethnic groups in our school. We started the task with a trip to Reception Centre of Asylum Seekers in Mucenieki. Mucenieki is a village in Ropazi municipality. As the integration problem for many people starts with finding a new country, a new place where to live, it has been useful to have a look inside the premises that provide the first shelter for people who have been in danger in their own countries. Some facts turned out quite shocking: the money allotted from the Latvian government, the prohibition to work legally, the size of the dwelling rooms. But the possibilities to spend their time are various: computer classes; a gym; a stadium; a library; children's room. The video will show the discussion after the trip and some photos.